Conference Programme

10301100 Registration.

11001215 Welcome and introduction – Shiona Baird.

Patrick Harvie MSP (Scottish Green Party) and Dr John Barry (Green Party in Northern Ireland) on nationalism and independence.

12151315 Break. Please note, lunch is not provided, but a wholesome organic buffet will be available (free!) in the evening.

13151430 Senator Dan Boyle (Comhaontas Glas) and Payam Torabi (Green Party of England and Wales) on migration, movement, and asylum.

14301500 Tea and coffee.

15001700 Workshops (40 minutes each). Choice of two from four:

17001800 Plenary session.

18001900 Buffet meal.

19302130 Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Public meeting: presentations, panel discussion, Q&A, featuring

JeanMichel Javaux (CoPresident, Ecolo);

Alastair McIntosh (writer, social activist and broadcaster);

Elaine Morrison (Scottish Green Party European Parliament election candidate);

Martin Stepek (Chief Executive, Scottish Family Business Association and Polish Scottish Chamber)


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